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Projects that feature concrete

This TV Stand began with salvaged wood steps from a theatrical show. The shape of the support was designed to appear impossible and to fully free up the shelf area. At the suggestion of a colleague I built the support out of concrete, my first time ever using this material. The shelf has a near perfect black piano finish with a brass insert on the edges.

These thin-walled concrete planters are hand packed into the forms to achieve the sand like texture. They are made in two halves, the top half is a five gallon planter and stacks on top of the other half. The bottom half can be flipped and used as a 9 gallon planter. They weight about 17 and 27 lbs.
I would like to sell these on Etsy, but I am not sure how to package them for safe shipment yet.

This is an ongoing idea and experiment to build a night stand. The idea is to reverse the roles of concrete and glass. The rendering has glass panel legs intersecting concrete slabs. To challenge the impossible I would like the top slab to be rigidly supported by one panel. A slab of concrete (45 lbs) cantilever from a piece of tempered glass is a lot of forces. I have done a number of experiments and achieved a cantilevered concrete slab. Thou, too much flex remains in the system, primarily the connection point.
The challenge remains designing a connection between the glass and concrete that is rigid enough.
Otherwise using two glass panel legs at the full height will probably work spectacularly. Any combination of slabs and glass could be assembled to suit a clients need, like a bookshelf.