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This coffee table is upcycled from a wooden crate used to transport some scientific equipment. The top lifts up to a height suitable to work/eat at. Inside a panel conceals a small space in the bottom to hide objects in. To maintain the crate look and provide a much better surface for cleaning it is coasted with low sheen polyurethane finish.

These thin-walled concrete planters are hand packed into the forms to achieve the sand like texture. They are made in two halves, the top half is a five gallon planter and stacks on top of the other half. The bottom half can be flipped and used as a 9 gallon planter. They weight about 17 and 27 lbs.
I would like to sell these on Etsy, but I am not sure how to package them for safe shipment yet.

This birch plywood shelf exposes the interesting layers of plywood that are finished with semi-gloss lacquer smooth to the touch. Topping the shelf is a thin band of rusted metal unique to each piece. The steel is rusted over a few days then sealed with a clear spray.

Purchase Exposed Plywood Shelf at the Wiskow Works Etsy Store